Sourced Instagram Makers Brunch
Sourced Instagram Makers Brunch



Maker’s Brunch Series: INSTAGRAM

Sunday, August 12th from 10am to 1pm

Add To Cart's that instagram game going for you? Does it seem like everyone is playing to win and you're just trying to keep up with what to post & when? Nothing is happening. Or maybe it is but you know there's a next level where likes turn into sales and you want to be about that life. I hear you sister. We're going to knock it out of the park with this Maker's Brunch dedicated all to 1. LEARNING ALL ABOUT THE GRAM FOR BUSINESS 2. Brunch (yum!) and 3. Meeting other local makers & artisans that will ultimately become your online & IRL cheerleaders.


  • SERIES part 1 - WHAT YOU’LL EARN: Instagram

    • How to post less and gain more on Instagram

    • How to direct your efforts on Instagram to strategic goals like making sales and gaining customers - it’s all about those DM’s girl.

    • INSTAGRAM STORIES - We’ll kick aside your hang-ups with it & empower you to use this AMAZING TOOL

    • We’ll review how to make & record stories with impact

    • Explain why you should be making Instagram Highlights, what to highlight, and how to make/record them

    • We’ll break down & show you how you can make Shoppable Posts directly from Instagram

      • Bonus! iPhone Pro Kit - you'l take home your own guide & props to get the best shot without the fuss. Like you just got so legit. 


THIS IS PART 1 OF OUR 3 PART MAKERS & SHAKERS SERIES: my guess is that you'll want to attend all of them because you're going to love everyone in this mastermind group PLUS you're going to see that we're setting this up as building blocks. Test it out! All resources taught in the workshop will also be delivered to you digitally...should you say, need to leave early or had a second mimosa. 

SUNDAY, AUGUST 12th FROM 10AM TO 1PM, at SOURCED. in Laguna Beach. This workshop is limited to 10 RAD business owners.