SOURCED. membership is the perfect fit for those who need a space only a few times a month to meet with clients, partners, or work remotely on products. Memberships are $150 a month and give you access to reserve our meeting space, attend our networking events, discount on select workshops, and access our slack channel connecting you with members who need the services your offer and offer the services you need. 



  • How do I sign up for a SOURCED. Membership?

We run our memberships through Square. We will send you an invoice on your desired start date and charge your card on file on that same day every month. There is a one time $100 sign up fee to get you sync'd up into our system. Memberships can be cancelled at any time but please note that cancellations take effect on the last day of the current month. There are no prorated refunds issued for cancellations of SOURCED. Memberships.

  • Who works creatively in this space?

Our members vary in a wide range of industries including videographers, photographers, digital marketers, business strategists, graphic designers, web developers, local realtors, florists. So whether you are one of the above or something completely different, we welcome all creative and business members to come grow with us.

  • What are your office hours? When are you open?

Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9am - 6pm PST.

  • How do I reserve the meeting table or workspace?

You will make your reservations through our Square appointments. You'll be able to view available times and choose the length of your reservation. For both workspace and conference room reservations, we have a first-come, first-served policy and recommend making reservations as early as possible to guarantee availability. Our meeting table can accommodate teams up to 8 comfortably. 

  • Can I book a meeting or workspace on the weekend?

t this time, studio hours are only offered to members during the week. 

  • I just reserved a meeting slot. How do I register my guests?

To register guests, you will add them to your appointment notes. This will help us greet them and make you look good!

  • Do you offer the meeting or workspace for an hourly fee?

Yes.  For non-members our daily workspace rate is $45/day and meeting space: $75/hr

For members that need more work days - we offer a discounted rate of $25/day for workspace and $50/hr for meeting space.

  • How do I cancel or place my membership on hold?

You can email us directly at


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