The Sourced Pop-Up: Proud to Shop and Inspired to Create

There are few events that leave me feeling more proud to be an artist and inspired to get making than the Sourced Pop Up.

What is typically our co-working space is transformed into a beautiful, buzzing mini-market where local makers, artists, crafters and designers come to sell their latest and greatest.

On this particular Saturday, the tables are filled with everything from handmade jewelry and body positive swimwear, to crystals, beach bags, ceramics and holistic hair care-- all made with artistry and intention.

I arrive on scene right around the time the mimosas are circling and people are showing off their Spirit Sticks (today’s craft which is hosted in our front yard --the adults seem to love it as much as the kids).  As someone who’s passionate about the intersection of art and business, I’m just as excited to get to know the women behind the tables as I am to shop.


My first stop is chatting with Kelsey of The Happy Little Potter. I was drawn in by her bright magenta ceramic tumblers, which I quickly learn is a difficult and unpredictable color to keep when firing the clay. She lights up as she talks about the process. When I asked her how she got started she said, “It’s my break from being a full time mom.” 

This turns out to be a common theme here at the pop-up. I hear a similar story from Catherine, the creator behind Angel Del Mar, a stunning seaside-inspired jewelry company. She tells me about how she’s always learning how to balance being a mom and creating her pieces. I’m blown away by her level of output-- each piece is so unique and intentional, and today she’s brought a gorgeous variety.

These stories in particular hit home for me. While I’m not a mom, I also started making art out of a need to do something creative that was just for me. I’m reminded that my story is just one line in a bigger, collective story of passionate makers who do what they do for they joy of it. 

In addition to creative expression, there’s another shared origin story circling the market today: creating the solution to a problem that didn’t exist yet. 

Love of Love + Snow tells me that after a decade of hair and scalp issues, and trying countless toxic products, she invented a totally organic solution to her problem. I got the full run down on why her hair serum will solve almost all of your hair-related issues and let me tell you: Love knows. Her. Stuff. I was blown away by her knowledge and passion, and  learned so much in our short conversation. She had me sold that the key to better hair starts with caring for your scalp.

Helen of Charming Little Lotus, is also bringing something into the world that she desired for herself, but had yet to find: a unique lotus talisman. Since the seed of that original design, her jewelry line has blossomed into an elegant selection that also includes coy fish, flower petals, succulents and more. She shares with me that many of her designs start from the sketches she does in gardens and nature. You can really feel the artistry behind her pieces-- I love that. 

And then sometimes the solution one might need is a way to look cool while you’re living your best, active life. This is what Bama of Sixth & Co. brings with her blanket and a bag all in one. Her booth is lined with countless options of colors and patterns for these bags-- so many, in fact, that I was almost in disbelief when she told me her products were all handmade.

As I make my way through the colorful market, trying on rings, picking up crystals and running my hands through the rack of blanket bags, it starts to sink in that each of these vendors is making a positive impact in the world by doing what they’re doing. And that, by shopping with them, so am I. 

Brianna of Lavluna healing is particularly enthusiastic about making positive change with her business. Everything she sells, from sage bundles and crystals, to body wash and natural cleaning products, is sold with the intention of supporting the Earth. In addition to being a Reiki healer, she makes many of the products herself (like the cleaners and smudge sticks). Anything not made by her own hands is brought in by other ethical, women-owned small businesses. 

And while, what originally told me that Lexi Donanto and I were kindred spirits was her gorgeous pastel-colored branding (my colors!), I soon learn that her business is packing a more powerful punch than excellent business cards. Her swimwear line, LDLA designs, is eco-friendly, body positive and intentionally designed to allow you to feel confident while poolside. Even the typical sizing labels have been replaced with names like Athena and Venus. When I asked her how it came about, she said it was something she just didn’t see yet in existing the swimwear industry-- but that needed to! I couldn’t agree more.

As the vendors pack up and I reflect on my conversations, I have to admit my favorite thing about Pop-Up is not the delicate silver jewelry, the perfectly fitting yellow swimsuits, or the lavender bath salts (although, don’t get me wrong, it’s a CLOSE call). It’s that I always leave these Saturdays energized and hopeful knowing that there are so many small businesses contributing heart-filled and important things to our world. 

It makes me think that all shopping experiences should be more like this: face-to-face, hearing the story of the person behind the brand, feeling that much more over-the-moon about your new tea set, seashell necklace and bitchin’ beach bag. 

For more information on applying to be a pop up vendor, please visit Join us for our next shopping event on Saturday, September 21st!

All photos by Riley Starr as part of our “grow” package

Maker's Brunch recap

We hosted our first "Maker's Brunch" back in late January and honestly I've been thinking about it almost every day since.

The idea for this type of workshop or meet-up was presented to me at one of our Pop Up Market's by Nicolette of Bird Bath Body Treats. Nicolette expressed her desire to have MORE with her fellow pop up vendors. We all agree that the biggest take away from those events always tends to be the new friends you pop next to. She painted the picture of "Wouldn't it be so great if we had a day to come together outside of these pop ups and share resources and gain more..."


At the end of 2017, we had "popped up" on 20 different occasions here in Laguna Beach and just recently announced our expansion to San Clemente in 2018. The Maker's Brunch was filled with friends & businesses we believed in and knew intimately from these events. We started the brunch off with mimosas, yummy Trader Joe brunch snacks, and each person giving their "elevator pitch" - how they would describe themselves and their business to a new potential customer or retailer. Then a second verison...a little deeper, a little more of their WHY. Their personal story that had them take the leap toward entrepeurship and pursuing something they loved. 

This round about sharing really set the tone for the level of honesty and transparency this group brought to the table. Everyone was open with their successes and struggles with starting and running their own businesses. There was a lot of roaring laughter, clapping in encouragement, and tears shed both out of joy & with a deep breath of feeling heard and supported.


When planning this first Brunch, I had surveyed the group on what topics or marketing tools they would like to dive deeper into. The outcome was social media (mainly Instagram), creating line sheets, and how to take better camera phone photos. I asked my friend and rockstar photographer, Molly Goodman to join me in presenting this group with what worked for us in our growing businesses. 

We first started with an overview look at instagram and the new changes to expect in the New Year. I shared one of my mentors, Tyler McCall's Instagram trends and predictions report.  Next we broke into two groups: those who wanted to focus on learning more about wholesale line sheets and those who wanted to focus on iPhone photography. Half the group stayed inside with me, and we went over what a line sheet was (yes, that basic), how to make one, and what 7 mistakes to avoid when you start using it to attract new potential retailers. The other half of the group ventured outside with photographer Molly Goodman who shared her tips for "Photography for the Rest of Us" (meaning us non-photographers) that went over lighting, composition, and editing. 

We went way over the time we imagined, but it felt so rich. So soul-fulfilling. We look forward to starting a 3-part-series this month called "Makers & Shakers Series" - set up as two separate programs: one for Maker's - those with product based businesses and one for Shaker's - those with service based businesses. Over the next three months, we look forward to exploring the power of using Instagram & email marketing to increase sales and achieve your business goals. Hope you'll join us! Learn more here. 

Shine on,


November Pop Up Market!

Recap of our November Pop Up Market!

It was a BIG, bright beautiful day for our November Pop Up Market. Our new friends, Luna Noel, set up our DIY Craft Bar with foraged herbs, sages, + foliage from Tahoe, Santa Barbara, Lavender from her Grandma's backyard locally here in Laguna Beach. It was pretty special. Can't wait for you to see!

We had kids laughing, puppies, champagne, Fleetwood Mac, dream catchers, precious stones, and rainbows. For real.

Vendor friends included the man, the myth, the legend...Robert Brink from The Hundredth Acres with his full candle line. Precious stone jewelry from Mayu Jewelry, modern day talismans from Vibe Catchers, boho inspired glam jewelry from Truly Blessed Jewelry, travel & vintage goods from Hartley Cash, and our favorite "shop within the shop" Kristin Lewis from The Garage Collective brought a curated lot of her favorite holiday gifts and pieces from her shop here in town. 

These blessed days just become brighter and more colorful with the new friends we met along the way. When we transitioned SOURCED. almost two years ago now from part retail shop / part creative office space to all office space, I was fearful we would loose some of the community vibe. That was dumb. We've only grown bigger & with more intention since those days. This was Pop Up number 18 in our books and by the end of 2018 we will have had 20 Pop Up's under our belt. The amount of makers, artisans, and new friends we've gained from these events is truly one of my greatest joys. Thank you for your continued support in us, in them, and this Laguna Beach community as a whole. See you in December!  

A little artist made this on our pathway. My heart.

All photos by our officemates & creative dream team Neighborhood Creative

We look forward to seeing you at our next 2 HOLIDAY Pop Up's on Saturday, December 16th & Sunday, December 17th! Interested in showcasing with us?

RAD! We'd love to have you! Check out our Artisan Pop Up page for more details! 

May Artisan Pop Up Market

Recap of our May Pop Up Market!

Special pop up for us right before Mother's Day! We have some extra fun with resident artist, Ali Rybczky who painted a mural throughout the duration of the day. A bustling scene of Laguna Beach in the summer is now sitting pretty on our south facing wall. We also had our friends Project Juice set up with samples of their incredible cold pressed juices.

Our vendors included AREO, beloved local shop popping up as our "shop within the shop" with perfectly curated gift boxes for Mother's Day, The Hundredth Acre candle maker, resident artist Ian Bryan of Jonathan Seagul butterfly art, beautiful and functional bikini's by Sportkini, and Hui Hui Design jewelry.

All photos taken by our officemates, Neighborhood Creative! 

Next Pop Up is set for Saturday, June 17th! See you then!

March Artisan Pop Up Market

We enjoyed a beautiful, breezy afternoon for our last Pop Up Market! The day was filled with makers and artists sharing their passion, their brand, and what propelled them to the next level within their businesses. The greatest moments for me within these events is really getting to know the people behind the products. I'm fascinated by the process of a spark of an idea and then the story of putting it into action. For some of these vendors it's been years while for others its only been a short few months. From whimsical crystal mobiles and macrame hangings to precious turquoise jewelry and delicate scarves, there was no shortage of inspired goods with the talents hands and masterminds behind them. I know our customers enjoy getting to see the new faces we bring into the space and their stories and I'd say my biggest joy comes from the interactions between the vendors themselves. They are with their kind and they naturally gravitate towards one another; speaking to future collaborations, sharing successful tools or things they've learn along the way, and generously supporting one another. We all sort of some together as strangers and leave as a body of supporters and new friends. 

Thank you to our featured artists and of course, Eddie and Jordan of Neighborhood Creative for capturing the day to photos and video!


Girl and the Abode

SDF Jewelry

Nordic Fox Design Co.

Harper James Design

Hip-O Modern

Paper Lee Made

Elements in Motion

Diana Garreau

Next Pop Up : Saturday, April 22nd




December Artisan Pop Up Market

Our last Pop Up Market of 2016 was a hit! Our artisans and makers came together to provide Laguna Beach with plenty of holiday gift options between jewelry, ceramics, small batch candles, knit toys, and so much more. There was something for everyone on your list! Ali Rybczyk of Love Includes Everyone set up a custom gift wrapping station and had some of her beautiful custom ornaments. Thank you to everyone who joined us & we look forward to bringing you even more events in the New Year!


Off The Beaten Pallet industrial home decor

Luna Reece Ceramics

Morning Blossom Studio bath & body

Yarn plus Art knit toys

Micaela Saldari global goods

Mei Elizabeth Jewelry

Lula Roe Shop Girl

Knighbury hand block scarves and accessories

The Hundredth Acre Candles


November Artisan Pop Up Market

Our November Pop Up Market set the tone for the holidays with incredible gift items & artisans goods that put Black Friday to shame! 


Shen & Sam Co. with hand poured soy wax candles

AU & Co. with vintage inspired USA made clothing

By the Lite of the Moon small batch handmade soaps and beauty products

Little Blue Beach House hand-curated coastal home decor

Love Includes Everyone custom illustrations and greeting cards

Doodlelew Macrame

Megan Blanco botanical prints & boho portraitures

Jonathan Seagul butterfly art and preservations

Photos and videography by our officemates, The Neighborhood Journal

See you at the next Pop Up on Saturday, December 17th!

October Artisan Pop Up Market

Thank you to our artists, makers, and big dreamers who joined us for our October Pop Up Market!   


Anhcoy - millinery collection of handcrafted hats

Jonathan Seagul - butterfly artwork and preservation

Morning Blossom Studio - All natural, vegan friendly beauty products 

Knighbury - traditional block print scarfs and bags from India

Lula Roe Shopgirl - buttery soft leggings

and Jen Bloch of Heritage Mercantile

Photos & videography by our officemates, The Neighborhood Journal

See you at our next Pop Up Market on Saturday, November 26th!

September Artisan Pop Up Market!

Special thank you to everyone who joined us for our last Artisan Pop Up Market! We had some incredible vendors and makers to introduce to our local community here in Laguna Beach! Thank you to our officemates, The Neighborhood Journal for capturing the day and the spirit behind these creative and passionate new friends! 


Nica Home

Playa Goods

Morning Blossom Studio

 Charlotte Marie Jewelry,

Micaela Saldari


Next Pop Up Market set for Saturday, October 15th! Interested in becoming a vendor? Apply here!