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SOURCED. creative brunch - Creative Mixer Series 0.3
12:00 PM12:00

SOURCED. creative brunch - Creative Mixer Series 0.3

We are excited to announce our third event in our Creative Mixer Series will be hosted at our studio in collaborations with Lark + Chef KyleThe Neighborhood Journaland Kitchen Table PR.

One characteristic of the #SOURCEDcreativemixer is the platform for like-minded creatives to gather for a purpose, be valued as individuals, and are brought together to listen and be heard in an inspiring setting. We'll be taking this mission to the next level during this creative brunch by exploring how as independent brands and businesses we can take our self promotion to the next level. This is the perfect intimate opportunity to meet and mingle amongst editors, creative directors and many other influential people. Kitchen Table PR will give a brief overview of the most beneficial ways to approach the press along with the importance of constructing a public relations/marketing strategy. 

Check out the menu offerings from Chef Kyle Powers & grab your spot on our SHOP page!


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Evaluating & Starting Your New Business Workshop
11:00 AM11:00

Evaluating & Starting Your New Business Workshop

As a creative entrepreneur, one of the toughest questions we ask ourselves is whether an idea (a service based company, product, or venture) is strong enough to move forward and explore. What takes a great idea to a actual business?

In this first workshop of our Creative Mixer series, we will offer a series of questions & tips on how to evaluate your business ideas and hear from others who have taken the leap. We will explore the best practices for launching a purpose-drive business, refining your product, delighting your customers and clients, inspiring your team & community - and ultimately - making a business that matters and has an impact.

This workshop is equal parts discussion, craft, and mixer and isn't intended to give you more ideas - we want to empower you to make good on the ones you already have! 

Workshop is limited to 12 and tickets can be found on our SHOP page. Hope you can join us!




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