SOURCED. Monday Inspirations

I came around Maude White in CREATIV Magazine (through my favorite online FREE magazine subscriptions) and went down a massive internet rabbit hole trying to FIND OUT AS MUCH AS I COULD ABOUT THESE AMAZING PAPER CARVINGS...yes, I said paper carving. 

Who wants go join me at The Ecology Center next month for Kathy Hattori & Kristin Morrison's Natural Dyes Workshop series? I think I have to make these curtains and change out the ikea ones I bought last month! haha

Do you get the the Tablet. newsletter? You should if you like getting distracted by some of the worlds best kept travel destinations and boutique luxury hotel reviews. Just found my next dream spot at The Graham & Co.  in New York. Totally makes sense to go to New York and then drive 2.5 hours to go here right? Yeah, I thought so too. 

My new "not so local but would still totally be ok with paying shipping" Etsy find. 

Laguna locals, did you see Travelzoo's Tabu Grill Dinner special? I still haven't been - is this deal the way to go or what?

Happy Monday! - keeping #sourcinginspiration