The Sourced Pop-Up: Proud to Shop and Inspired to Create

There are few events that leave me feeling more proud to be an artist and inspired to get making than the Sourced Pop Up.

What is typically our co-working space is transformed into a beautiful, buzzing mini-market where local makers, artists, crafters and designers come to sell their latest and greatest.

On this particular Saturday, the tables are filled with everything from handmade jewelry and body positive swimwear, to crystals, beach bags, ceramics and holistic hair care-- all made with artistry and intention.

I arrive on scene right around the time the mimosas are circling and people are showing off their Spirit Sticks (today’s craft which is hosted in our front yard --the adults seem to love it as much as the kids).  As someone who’s passionate about the intersection of art and business, I’m just as excited to get to know the women behind the tables as I am to shop.


My first stop is chatting with Kelsey of The Happy Little Potter. I was drawn in by her bright magenta ceramic tumblers, which I quickly learn is a difficult and unpredictable color to keep when firing the clay. She lights up as she talks about the process. When I asked her how she got started she said, “It’s my break from being a full time mom.” 

This turns out to be a common theme here at the pop-up. I hear a similar story from Catherine, the creator behind Angel Del Mar, a stunning seaside-inspired jewelry company. She tells me about how she’s always learning how to balance being a mom and creating her pieces. I’m blown away by her level of output-- each piece is so unique and intentional, and today she’s brought a gorgeous variety.

These stories in particular hit home for me. While I’m not a mom, I also started making art out of a need to do something creative that was just for me. I’m reminded that my story is just one line in a bigger, collective story of passionate makers who do what they do for they joy of it. 

In addition to creative expression, there’s another shared origin story circling the market today: creating the solution to a problem that didn’t exist yet. 

Love of Love + Snow tells me that after a decade of hair and scalp issues, and trying countless toxic products, she invented a totally organic solution to her problem. I got the full run down on why her hair serum will solve almost all of your hair-related issues and let me tell you: Love knows. Her. Stuff. I was blown away by her knowledge and passion, and  learned so much in our short conversation. She had me sold that the key to better hair starts with caring for your scalp.

Helen of Charming Little Lotus, is also bringing something into the world that she desired for herself, but had yet to find: a unique lotus talisman. Since the seed of that original design, her jewelry line has blossomed into an elegant selection that also includes coy fish, flower petals, succulents and more. She shares with me that many of her designs start from the sketches she does in gardens and nature. You can really feel the artistry behind her pieces-- I love that. 

And then sometimes the solution one might need is a way to look cool while you’re living your best, active life. This is what Bama of Sixth & Co. brings with her blanket and a bag all in one. Her booth is lined with countless options of colors and patterns for these bags-- so many, in fact, that I was almost in disbelief when she told me her products were all handmade.

As I make my way through the colorful market, trying on rings, picking up crystals and running my hands through the rack of blanket bags, it starts to sink in that each of these vendors is making a positive impact in the world by doing what they’re doing. And that, by shopping with them, so am I. 

Brianna of Lavluna healing is particularly enthusiastic about making positive change with her business. Everything she sells, from sage bundles and crystals, to body wash and natural cleaning products, is sold with the intention of supporting the Earth. In addition to being a Reiki healer, she makes many of the products herself (like the cleaners and smudge sticks). Anything not made by her own hands is brought in by other ethical, women-owned small businesses. 

And while, what originally told me that Lexi Donanto and I were kindred spirits was her gorgeous pastel-colored branding (my colors!), I soon learn that her business is packing a more powerful punch than excellent business cards. Her swimwear line, LDLA designs, is eco-friendly, body positive and intentionally designed to allow you to feel confident while poolside. Even the typical sizing labels have been replaced with names like Athena and Venus. When I asked her how it came about, she said it was something she just didn’t see yet in existing the swimwear industry-- but that needed to! I couldn’t agree more.

As the vendors pack up and I reflect on my conversations, I have to admit my favorite thing about Pop-Up is not the delicate silver jewelry, the perfectly fitting yellow swimsuits, or the lavender bath salts (although, don’t get me wrong, it’s a CLOSE call). It’s that I always leave these Saturdays energized and hopeful knowing that there are so many small businesses contributing heart-filled and important things to our world. 

It makes me think that all shopping experiences should be more like this: face-to-face, hearing the story of the person behind the brand, feeling that much more over-the-moon about your new tea set, seashell necklace and bitchin’ beach bag. 

For more information on applying to be a pop up vendor, please visit Join us for our next shopping event on Saturday, September 21st!

All photos by Riley Starr as part of our “grow” package

September Pop Up Market

Recap of our September Pop Up Market!

Can we keep continuing to say that it was our BEST Pop Up Yet? I hope so because each event just gets better. New makers experiencing our space first hand, more locals stopping by and joining in on the fun, and more connections made with big smiles on everyone's face. WE. LOVE. THESE DAYS!

This September marked our 4 year Anniversary for SOURCED. Our space originally started as part retail, part office space with our shop in the front room (where our vendors set up for these Pop Ups now) and our creative office spaces in the back. A lot has changed since that first year of business. There has been a lot of growth and the hard decision to transition out of our traditional retail shop and commit solely to these monthly Pop Up Markets. Sometimes I wish I had made the leap earlier because everything seemed to click in after that but in refection having that store for the first two and a half years made us who we are today. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 10.44.01 AM.png

Every other month we offer photography coverage at these events by our officemates Neighborhood Creative. We've found it to be one of the offerings that sets us a part. Eddie and Jordan spend time with each vendor capturing their set up, interacting with customers, shooting various lifestyle shots, and for some vendors, getting their first portrait of them as a business owner. 

These events for us as a space and collective are also an opportunity to engage with our neighbors and community. This year we asked resident artist Ali Rybczyk to design each months flyer and do some sort of live art or whatever new project she wanted to dream up. I feel like these Pop Ups have become a "Laguna thing" and at the same time, we're attracting new customers/friends at each month. It's kinda magic. 

We also recently partnered up with Kristin Lewis of The Garage Collective who created the perfect lounge/showroom within our space. Her bohemian finds look like they've lived their entire happy life here. Although it’s in their name, some are still discovering that the GARAGE collective is a collective of makers and creators showcasing products right here in Laguna Beach. They have a smaller shop in town and this second home for them here at SOURCED. will become where they sell their larger interior pieces. This pop up, Kristin highlighted Carma, owner of Carma Collection with her handmade jewelry pieces. 

Officemates Freeman's Collective turned their office space into a store featuring Spencer Berkeley's leather goods and Mexican Opal rings. Lisa of Accoutrements LA set up with her newest pieces from the Philippines like multi layer necklaces meticulously crafted using coconut rings and the most awesome Yakan weave textile and Batik bomber style jackets. Local Nancy Deline Jewelry shared her new seaglass necklaces collected from the California coast beach wonderings. Founder/Designer Ashley of Rora Clothing came dressed in her newest design from her travel inspired clothing line. I fell in love with the inspiration for each collection by a new destination that Ashley experienced and translated into travel friendly frocks. A reversible dress? Sign us up!

Lori of bsimple creations wowed customers with her totes made from washable paper (yep, paper. Washable paper!) and Raegan Knight's brilliant sterling silver and gold filled jewelry pieces were such a hit! I think everyone went home with a pair of earrings or new ring. Obsessed.

Our pop up tent in the front yard was strung with macrame pieces from Mollie Brenner who also lead a free DIY macrame keychain station. Our neighbors, Nbrhd hats looked right at home with their local designs of Laguna Beach beloved street names trucker hats. Ali Rybczky also did a live mural on our front window painting the picture of what 4 years of big dreaming has looked like for SOURCED. with captions like, "a pair of wings blessed our space and together we fly", and "four years of straight magic moments, composed by the community we call you." Yes. we are one blessed group of big dreamers. 

We look forward to seeing you at our next Pop Up on Saturday, October 28th! Interested in showcasing with us? RAD! We'd love to have you! Check out our Artisan Pop Up page for more details!