Devon Walz "Inner Space" Art Walk Showcase

Devon Walz at SOURCED.

We got all kinds of introspective for our April Art Walk showcase with our resident artist, Devon Walz. Adult face painting, poetry on demand, and good cheer - Devon Walz shares her experience.

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โ€œMy favorite part of the evening was getting to watch which paintings spoke to people and caused them to pause for an extra moment. When I'm in my studio alone I can only see the pieces through my own eyes. But during the art walk I got to see how other people experience them and what the favorites were. That was really special for me.

Other than that, the coolest thing about the night was getting to see Inner Space become an interactive event. What started as just an idea in my head and something very internal (by nature of the subject) not only became a collection of paintings, but  a whole environment (thanks Michelle and Jaclyn!). Every touch of the evening-- the quotes on the mirrors, the face painting, the signs and words written in chalk-- brought the concept more  to life. More of something for people to connect with. I couldn't have dreamed up how to do that if I tried and I really walked away from the night with new reverence for the power of collaboration.โ€ - Resident Artist, Devon Walz

devon walz sourced laguna beach
devon walz sourced laguna beach
devon walz sourced laguna beach
devon walz at sourced
sourced laguna beach
sourced laguna beach
sourced laguna beach
Sourced laguna beach

Thank you to our friends for a kickass event:

Sponsored kombucha from Brew Dr Kombucha

Adult Face Painting by Yellow & Lace

Poetry on Demand by Hailley Howard

Event planning by SOURCED.