Devon Walz "Inner Space" Art Walk Showcase

Devon Walz at SOURCED.

We got all kinds of introspective for our April Art Walk showcase with our resident artist, Devon Walz. Adult face painting, poetry on demand, and good cheer - Devon Walz shares her experience.

brew dr laguna beach

“My favorite part of the evening was getting to watch which paintings spoke to people and caused them to pause for an extra moment. When I'm in my studio alone I can only see the pieces through my own eyes. But during the art walk I got to see how other people experience them and what the favorites were. That was really special for me.

Other than that, the coolest thing about the night was getting to see Inner Space become an interactive event. What started as just an idea in my head and something very internal (by nature of the subject) not only became a collection of paintings, but  a whole environment (thanks Michelle and Jaclyn!). Every touch of the evening-- the quotes on the mirrors, the face painting, the signs and words written in chalk-- brought the concept more  to life. More of something for people to connect with. I couldn't have dreamed up how to do that if I tried and I really walked away from the night with new reverence for the power of collaboration.” - Resident Artist, Devon Walz

devon walz sourced laguna beach
devon walz sourced laguna beach
devon walz sourced laguna beach
devon walz at sourced
sourced laguna beach
sourced laguna beach
sourced laguna beach
Sourced laguna beach

Thank you to our friends for a kickass event:

Sponsored kombucha from Brew Dr Kombucha

Adult Face Painting by Yellow & Lace

Poetry on Demand by Hailley Howard

Event planning by SOURCED.


SOURCED. four year anniversary party!

F O U R   Y E A R S   Y O U N G.

We landed on a Speakeasy theme for our 4 year Anniversary party this year. Invitations were a collaborative effort between Ali Rybczyk and Eddie Rios and were sent to 50 plus past & present officemates and close friends that have called SOURCED. home. 

SRCD 4 Party Invite TYPo L OL.jpg

Guests received digital e-vites and were given individual prohibition slang "passwords" for entry.  They were told to dress up in their best glad rags. Our grifter doorman took post at our 1920's cottage ushering guests in with a stern look and asked for their password. 

Guests then were told about the gambling table rules ($2 bill hands at Left, Right, Center) & tattoo parlor (with temporary tattoos from Tattly, the only way to get re-entry into the party was by showing your ink).

Ali Rybczyk painted a larger than life cocktail menu to showcase the Bootlegger Cocktails offered by Vacation Bar & Ford's Gin. Guests had the option of three sassy gin cocktails served in vintage glassware, which paired nicely with bluesy melodies spun by DJ Nacor ranging from Nina Simone to Blood Orange and Toto. 

Marty McFly with Ford's Gin, Bianco Vermouth, Orange Bitters

Balm So Hard with Ford's Gin, Blessed Booch Elderflower & Lemon Balm, Lemon, Sparkling Wine

Son of a Bee Sting with Ford's Gin, Lemon, Honey, Ginger, Rosewater

Photographer Mitch Maher turned one of our office nooks into a portrait den capturing the smiles of the people we love so dearly. 

Our pitched roof was washed in shades of pink, yellow, and purple as guests mixed and mingled. It wasn't long until everyone was under the influence of the giggle water and stomping away on the dance floor. The night ended up with impromptu speech, happy tears, a last dance to Fleetwood Mac's "Gypsy"...well and THEN a serenade of "my neck, my back". Because well...that's just us. 

Thank you to everyone that joined us for this special night!

Lark Pop Up Dinner with Chef Kyle Powers

We were fortunate to host not one but two Lark Pop Up Dinners this month! 

We found ourselves on night two of our Pop Up Dinners with Lark still high from the vibrational foods from the night before, yet still hungry! This also marked our 4th Pop Up Dinner with beloved Chef Kyle Powers of Fork in the Road Catering. 

We flipped the room for the event by adding bold pops of color starting with a custom yarn hanging that was suspended in the front window welcoming our dinner guests from the street. Bright, whimsical brush strokes of resident artist Ali Rybczyk covered the walls and set the tone. The tablescape was a mix of jewel tone hues with floral arrangements from Floral Fete with a gardenesque mash-ups of scabiosa, geum, protea, aloe, pomegranate, and oregano. Vintage wine goblets remained full all night. 

MENU CRAFTED BY CHEF KYLE POWERS of Fork in the Road Catering

Welcome Drinks (Chef’s Whim) + Social Crispy Seaweed Cone with Black Rice, Pineapple + Shrimp Ceviche

First course // Smoked Heirloom Carrot Soup with Blue Cheese accompanied by Grilled Garlic Toast w/Pork Butter
Second course // Beet and Beef Carpaccio w/Fennel and Frisee tossed in White Kimchi Vinaigrette
Third course // Cocoa Braised Short Rib on Purple Sweet Potato Mash and Garlic Charred Miatake Mushroom
Finale // Sweet Sticky Toffee Pudding w/Tangerine Syrup & Basil Cream

Special thanks to Mitch Maher for capturing the night in our greatest light! 

Lark Pop Up Dinner with Chef Lena Ksanti

Our studio was transformed for yet another Lark Pop Up Dinner!

Special thanks to Lisa of Lark & Chef Lena Ksanti of Pure Vegan Food for hosting another beautiful and meaningful Pop Up Dinner with us. It was a collaborative affair with lots of special details from officemates Yoshi O'Connor of Floral Fête creating the most beautiful floral installations and Ali Rybczyk with signage, menu design, and custom painted the ceramic vases for Yoshi's table arrangements.

We were fortunate to see old friends, make new friends, and gather in unison to enjoy the art of conversation, delicious inspired food, and raise our glass in good cheer. 


Welcome Drinks (Chefs Whim) + Jicama with Chili Lime Salt

First course // Zucchini Rolls with Smoked Macadamia Cheese
Second course //Turmeric Glow Soup with Carrot, Sweet Potato & Shaved Fennel
Third Course //Basil Pistachio Pesto Kelp Noodles with Snap Peas, Watermelon Radish & Almond Ricotta
Finale // Red Velvet Cake with Mascarpone Cream & Fresh Berries

We drank. We laughed. We left with a satisfied palate & sense of wonder.  

Special thanks to photographer Mitch Maher, who captured the evening for us. 

Custom cloth napkins added a pop of color from Dot and Army, and Cold Brew coffee provided by Wilson Coffee

Lark Pop Up at SOURCED.

A magical night with Lark Artisan Market for their communal dinner party! Special thanks to Lisa & Chef Kyle Powers for creating such an inviting atmosphere where guests mixed and mingled over a perfectly curated four course winter inspired meal. No detail was left untouched and a permanent smile radiated from each guests face. Highlights included welcome cocktails by Bless*ed Booch and Cold apple smoked chicken with morita chili glaze, over golden beet puree with roasted mushrooms. Thank you to everyone who attended and we look forward to seeing you at the next Lark!

Special thanks to Kendal Riley for this stunning photos and Neighborhood Creative for the video.

3rd Annual Hawaiian Holiday Party!

When we say TIKI, you say PARTY!

Last night marked our 3rd annual Hawaiian Holiday Party! We pulled out all the goodies we had collected throughout the year in anticipation for the special occasion. From pink flamingos to our vintage tiki bar borrowed from our friends at The Potting Shed to making the call to The Poke Hut food truck who created a special menu for us - no detail was left untouched without a little Hawaiian flair, a lot of twinkle lights, and plenty of tiki inspired holiday drinks with oh so sassy names.

We couldn't have done it without the love, support, and talent from our fellow creative friends:

Event styling & floral design by Floral Fête

Tiki bar and rentals by The Potting Shed by Carlisle

Tiki bar curation by In Cocktails We Trust and mixologists Andrew Aoun & Janaka Bandaranaike

Custom illustration, menu design, and photo back drop by Love Includes Everyone

The Poke Hut food truck

A filled dance floor by DJ Wendy

Photos & videography by The Neighborhood Journal


 All the stars aligned for our last SOUNDWAVE live music series. It was the perfect night and we are still in awe from the performances & the energy from the crowd. 

Line up included David Langran, Pearl Botts, and James Spaite. Photo and videos produced by The Neighborhood Journal. 

You can also listen to all songs on Spotify

The vision behind these events are to highlight local musical talent and provide them with a unique and captive audience in our creative space. You come, They play, We hit record and a story is told.

David opened up with third installment of our Soundwave Sessions with an original song, titled "Time Will Tell", followed by his most recently written song, "New York in June". David shared with the audience that he wrote the song after attending a music festival in New York City. 

David shared: 

"The song is essentially about a single day/night where I met a great girl at this music festival, and consequently spent that day/night running around with her listening to great music, drinking, and generally having an amazing time. After the festival, we went out in the city and continued to have one of those nights that only happen once in a rare blue moon where everything seems to slot into place. At the end of the night, I put her in a taxi and off she went. We kept in touch for a little while afterwards, but for me that night was something special. And I think the fact that it was just that one night is what made it special. There was no time for things to get complicated."

Pearl opened her set with a cover medley from Ariana Grande's latest album including "Into You", "Side to Side", and ended with "Dangerous Woman" with accompaniment from Jacob Mayeda on guitar. Her second song was an original titled "Come my Way" which she explained was about beckoning and longing for hopes to come to fruition. She finished her set with her most recently written song "Drive Me Crazy" which she opened up was written in the midst of a new busy season of her life and is a musical manifestation of the challenges of a fast-paced world. 

James Spaite, an artist from San Diego, closed out the night with a moving performance. His first song "Past, Present, Patience", he shared was his perspective that he felt that songwriters often write out of an attempt to fulfill a need.

"In retrospect I wrote Past, Present, Patience out of a place of pain and reminding myself to make wise decisions. I am super fickle when it comes to relationships. My heart is inconsistent. It swells for a moment, then the tide goes back out, then it swells again, then the tide goes back out. In a culture that heavily pushes the idea of singleness as something to be avoided at all costs, I think it is a healthy reminder that there is incredible value in putting the breaks on for a minute to figure yourself out. That said, I am majorly still learning how true that session is." 

In our Soundwave format we asked each artist to do a cover and James went all out by mashing up country singer Bonnie Raitt's ballad "I Can't Make You Love Me" and "So Sick" by R&B artist Ne-Yo. The crowd wanting more, James then played another song off his 2014 album A Woman Gave Me Music, "Effort". Ending by treating everyone in attendance with two new unreleased songs. 

Join us for our next SOUNDWAVE on Thursday, December 29th

2nd Annual SOURCED. Hawaiian Holiday Party!

Capiz Shell Window display at SOURCED.
Vintage Book Christmas Tree at SOURCED.
Tiki Bar by In Cocktails We Trust
Tiki Drinks at SOURCED.
Office Christmas Decor by Floral Fete
Tiki Holiday Office Party at SOURCED.
Tropical Floral Mannequin by Floral Fete
Tropical Dress Form Orchids by Floral Fete
Hawaiian Holiday Office Party at SOURCED.
Floral Designer, Floral Fete - Laguna Beach
Tiki Hawaiian Holiday Party
Floral Designer, Floral Fete in Laguna Beach
The Christmas Room - Laguna Beach Lofts
Hawaiian Holiday Office Party at SOURCED.
Outdoor Bistro Lights and Capiz Shells
The Neighborhood Journal at SOURCED.
Thanksgiving Potstickers
Hawaiian Holiday Office Party at SOURCED.
Tiki Rum Drinks
Tiki signage
DJ Wendy, Laguna Beach CA
Singapore Sling_Hawaiian Holiday Office Party at SOURCED.
Hawaiian Holiday Office Party at SOURCED.
Book Christmas Tree
Hawaiian Holiday Office Party at SOURCED.
Hawaiian Holiday Office Party at SOURCED.
Hawaiian Holiday Office Party at SOURCED.
Hawaiian Holiday Office Party at SOURCED.
Hawaiian Holiday Office Party at SOURCED. Laguna Beach
Hawaiian Holiday Office Party at SOURCED. Laguna Beach
Hawaiian Holiday Office Party at SOURCED. Laguna Beach
Hawaiian Holiday Office Party at SOURCED. Laguna Beach
Hawaiian Holiday Office Party at SOURCED. Laguna Beach

Thank you to everyone who made it out to our

2nd Annual Hawaiian Holiday Party! 

(internally loving known as Tacky Tiki Party!)

We had fun playing up holiday decor at the studio this year! Stephen and Ian made sure the cottage was seen from across town with tons of twinkling lights on the building, around the door, and bistro lights overhead on our outside table. The entry way was the perfect spot for our Pinterest inspired "Vintage Book Christmas Tree" complete with airplanes as the guiding star on top. We turned another fallen branch into a window display with strung capiz shells. Nothing says "beach snow" quite like capiz shells. We turned one of our lofts into a proper "Christmas Room" with two Christmas Trees, lights, "snow", and our lit up blue barb wire reindeers by local Sculptor, friend, and neighbor - Shamus Koch. Officemates, Yoshi & Rebecca turned their office into a winter wonderland with multiple floral installations and wreaths. The show stopper was the Hawaiian inspired mannequin done up with banana leaves & orchids - just beautiful!

Friend and local, DJ Wendy's music selection complimented the tiki drinks offered by In Cocktails We Trust. We used the fancy vintage glassware, unnecessary garnishes, and tons of gangster rap! Personal favorite, the "Boochie Walla, Boochie Bang Bang" punch with Papas Pilar 24 Year Solera Rum, Allspice Dram, Blessed Booch Chai Tea Kombucha, Lemon, Sparkling Wine, Bitters, Gangster Rap. What was your favorite?

Probably the best Tuesday night of the year! The studio was definitely filled with laughter, good cheer, and hugs...tons of hugs. What can I say...we like to hug. Cheers to 2016!

Special Thanks to our friends, officemates, and sponsors!

Photography: Rebecca Judy Photography

Videography: The Neighborhood Journal 

Floral Design: Floral Fete

Tiki Bar: In Cocktails We Trust, Papa Pilar Rum, and Blessed Booch

SOURCED. turned 2! Anniversary Party Recap

TWO YEARS YOUNG! Thank you to everyone that joined us for our Anniversary Party this year. It was such a great evening connecting with our local community and sharing how we've grown. Each creative made their own specialty cocktail or beverage to share, there was beer pong sponsored by The Neighborhood Journal, and our collaborative Spotify playlist that had us swaying all night.  We were lucky enough to close out the evening with special performance from Tim Schou (Danish POP STAR, Tim Schou? - I know, how did we pull that off!?!?) and Steve Orlick turned our back kitchen into a Chinese take out restaurant making noodles to go. Some of us may or may not have ended the night by taking a midnight dip in the ocean & a Justin Bieber dance off until the wee hours. Cheers to YEAR 3!

SOURCED. turns 2
SOURCED. turns 2.
SOURCED. turns 2
Tim Schou at SOURCED.
Tim Schou at SOURCED.
Tim Schou at SOURCED.
Tim Schou at SOURCED.
Tim Schou at SOURCED.
Tim Schou at SOURCED.

SOURCED. creative brunch recap!

We hosted our third Creative Mixer this month at the studio and completely transformed our historical cottage into an indoor garden party with suspended greenery and special details. The brunch was focused around creative entrepreneurs and we invited the lovely ladies behind Kitchen Table PR to share their insight on the most beneficial ways to approach the press. They shared spoke to the importance of constructing your own public relations and marketing strategies for your growing business and brand - a special afternoon, indeed.

The vision for the brunch was inspired by bringing the outdoor garden party in. We reached out to our dear friend Jack from The Potting Shed in Orange and filled the space with kumquat trees, lemon swirl eugenia, pittosporum silver sheen, cascading ivy, and rosemary plants. Yoshi from Floral Fête dreamed up the stunning suspended greenery with three massive grids of myrtle, italian ruckus, plumosa, springer, boxwood, leather fern, and 200 drop carnations! 

For the tables, each setting was personalized with potted zinc pots with our guests names and local herbs. Our hope was that our guests would use their rosemary, chocolate mint, tarragon, or thyme in their own cooking inspired by the delicious brunch that was about to be laid out in front of them. Welcome notes sat on the plates done up with custom watercolor details and each one was typed out on our typewriter for an timeless feel by Christina Annalisa Designs. Goodie bags were stamped and set the tone with "let's brunch!" - inside guests found garden inspired scented candles from Hayworth & Heart, Chef's Soap from The People's Soap Co., and pink Himalayan salt from Laguna Salt Company. 

Our studio had never looked better or evoked as many gasps! Rebecca Judy had no problems finding the perfect light and had fun with our bathroom detail "FOLLOW THAT DREAM" reminding everyone of their purpose and journey.

The festivities started outdoors in our front patio where guests greeted with champagne topped with their choice of Strawberry Mint or Mango Basil purees. The fizz sound added to the buzz and the ocean breeze. Guests were able to mix and mingle and meet our amazing co-hosts from Lark and Fork in the Road Catering. Lisa and Chef Kyle Powers shared about their passion business of curated pop-up events throughout Orange County.

Once guests took their seats inside - our pop-up kitchen kicked into full effect and Eddie & Jordan from The Neighborhood Journal caught all the behind the scenes action on film. It truly was such an refreshing afternoon of listening, learning, and connecting. The food - let's pause - was truly equal parts innovated as well as comforting. Crostini toast with riclette and prune jam, Lemon Rosemary French Toast with apple thyme, Short rib polenta with egg...Did I mention the bacon jam? I think we all remember the bacon jam!

We look forward to hosting our next Creative Mixer and thank everyone who joined us this time around!

Special Thanks to all our sponsors & contributors!

Venue // SOURCED. Laguna Beach

Event Planning and Styling Direction // Michelle Mercado for SOURCED.

Floral Design // Floral Fête

Catering and Brunch Experience // Lark & Chef Kyle Powers

Photography // Rebecca Judy

Videography // The Neighborhood Journal

Calligraphy, Menu design, place settings, & personal touches // Christina Annalisa Designs

Plant staging // The Potting Shed

Goodies Bag goodies // Hayworth & Heart, The People's Soap Co., Laguna Salt Company




A warm welcome with Django Foxtrot
The Cream Event 2015
Found Rentals_The Cream Event
Bloom and Plume + Twofold La
Pow Wow + Moon Canyon & Karson Butler + Stella Bloom Designs at The Cream Event
The Cream Event 2015
JL Designs +Beijos Events + Monvoir Calligraphy at The Cream Event
The Cream Event 2015
The Plant Library + Green Ribbon Parties at The Cream Event
The Cream Event 2015
The Cream Event 2015
The Cream Event 2015
Paula LeDuc at The Cream Event 2015
The Cream Event 2015
Bliss and Bone at The Cream Event 2015
The Cream Event 2015
The Cream Event 2015
Élan Artists at The Cream Event 2015
Élan Artists at The Cream Event 2015

The Masterminds of The Cream Event out did themselves yet again this year! It was a fun excuse to get out of Orange County and mix and mingle with our wedding industry friends and see first hand what creative visionaries they are. We all played by the rules and wore our shades of neutrals and entered the transformed Book Bindery in Culver City ready for a evening of fun. We were greeted by gypsy jazz by Django Foxtrot and popped by one fantasy tablescapes after another. We made our way to the Pharmacie bar and made our first hard decision of the night...which drink to have. They had a four section bar setup each side with a different spirit offering. I think all of us took an extra minute to swoon over all the paper goods over at Bliss and Bone who take luxury wedding stationery to a whole new level. The night was capped off with in true cream fashion with the best live music in the business by Élan Artists and a show stopping performance by La Follies!

Teaser Video

With months of pushing record, we've been hard at work getting some videos together that capture the spirit, vibe, and hopefully answer some answers as to what we're doing! Stay tune, we're almost there but until that time...we got some teasers for you!