March Artisan Pop Up Market

We enjoyed a beautiful, breezy afternoon for our last Pop Up Market! The day was filled with makers and artists sharing their passion, their brand, and what propelled them to the next level within their businesses. The greatest moments for me within these events is really getting to know the people behind the products. I'm fascinated by the process of a spark of an idea and then the story of putting it into action. For some of these vendors it's been years while for others its only been a short few months. From whimsical crystal mobiles and macrame hangings to precious turquoise jewelry and delicate scarves, there was no shortage of inspired goods with the talents hands and masterminds behind them. I know our customers enjoy getting to see the new faces we bring into the space and their stories and I'd say my biggest joy comes from the interactions between the vendors themselves. They are with their kind and they naturally gravitate towards one another; speaking to future collaborations, sharing successful tools or things they've learn along the way, and generously supporting one another. We all sort of some together as strangers and leave as a body of supporters and new friends. 

Thank you to our featured artists and of course, Eddie and Jordan of Neighborhood Creative for capturing the day to photos and video!


Girl and the Abode

SDF Jewelry

Nordic Fox Design Co.

Harper James Design

Hip-O Modern

Paper Lee Made

Elements in Motion

Diana Garreau

Next Pop Up : Saturday, April 22nd




Lark Pop Up at SOURCED.

A magical night with Lark Artisan Market for their communal dinner party! Special thanks to Lisa & Chef Kyle Powers for creating such an inviting atmosphere where guests mixed and mingled over a perfectly curated four course winter inspired meal. No detail was left untouched and a permanent smile radiated from each guests face. Highlights included welcome cocktails by Bless*ed Booch and Cold apple smoked chicken with morita chili glaze, over golden beet puree with roasted mushrooms. Thank you to everyone who attended and we look forward to seeing you at the next Lark!

Special thanks to Kendal Riley for this stunning photos and Neighborhood Creative for the video.

December Artisan Pop Up Market

Our last Pop Up Market of 2016 was a hit! Our artisans and makers came together to provide Laguna Beach with plenty of holiday gift options between jewelry, ceramics, small batch candles, knit toys, and so much more. There was something for everyone on your list! Ali Rybczyk of Love Includes Everyone set up a custom gift wrapping station and had some of her beautiful custom ornaments. Thank you to everyone who joined us & we look forward to bringing you even more events in the New Year!


Off The Beaten Pallet industrial home decor

Luna Reece Ceramics

Morning Blossom Studio bath & body

Yarn plus Art knit toys

Micaela Saldari global goods

Mei Elizabeth Jewelry

Lula Roe Shop Girl

Knighbury hand block scarves and accessories

The Hundredth Acre Candles


November Artisan Pop Up Market

Our November Pop Up Market set the tone for the holidays with incredible gift items & artisans goods that put Black Friday to shame! 


Shen & Sam Co. with hand poured soy wax candles

AU & Co. with vintage inspired USA made clothing

By the Lite of the Moon small batch handmade soaps and beauty products

Little Blue Beach House hand-curated coastal home decor

Love Includes Everyone custom illustrations and greeting cards

Doodlelew Macrame

Megan Blanco botanical prints & boho portraitures

Jonathan Seagul butterfly art and preservations

Photos and videography by our officemates, The Neighborhood Journal

See you at the next Pop Up on Saturday, December 17th!

3rd Annual Hawaiian Holiday Party!

When we say TIKI, you say PARTY!

Last night marked our 3rd annual Hawaiian Holiday Party! We pulled out all the goodies we had collected throughout the year in anticipation for the special occasion. From pink flamingos to our vintage tiki bar borrowed from our friends at The Potting Shed to making the call to The Poke Hut food truck who created a special menu for us - no detail was left untouched without a little Hawaiian flair, a lot of twinkle lights, and plenty of tiki inspired holiday drinks with oh so sassy names.

We couldn't have done it without the love, support, and talent from our fellow creative friends:

Event styling & floral design by Floral Fête

Tiki bar and rentals by The Potting Shed by Carlisle

Tiki bar curation by In Cocktails We Trust and mixologists Andrew Aoun & Janaka Bandaranaike

Custom illustration, menu design, and photo back drop by Love Includes Everyone

The Poke Hut food truck

A filled dance floor by DJ Wendy

Photos & videography by The Neighborhood Journal

Fall Floral Arranging Hack with Floral Fête

Feeling inspired to add your own floral arrangement to the Thanksgiving table this year? Yoshi O'Connor of Floral Fête shared with us some tricks from the trade on how to construct a beautiful arrangement using Curly Willow to add height and a woodsy feel.

Fall Floral Arranging Hack with Floral Fête

"Curly willow is nothing new...but, I love to use it for fall inspired designs, as a quick and easy way to create a grid inside your vase to hold your flowers in place, without messing with tape on your vase. Curly willow comes in different shades of brown and green depending on when it was cut; all are perfect colors for fall! Be sure to use fresh curly willow, as it is still pliable and easy to wind into your vase. The dried versions you often find in craft stores, are too brittle and will break if you try to bend. However, if dried curly willow is all you have available, you can plan ahead, and pre-soak the branches in warm water, submerging the branches in your sink or bathtub for a few hours or overnight. This should help make the branches pliable enough to stuff inside your vase." 

To create your own Fall Inspired Arrangement you'll need the following supplies:

1 clear square or cylinder vase

5-7 small fresh, not dried, curly willow branches



floral shears


Large focal flowers, like hydrangea, roses, and tulips. 

Smaller flowers, like chrysanthemums and spray roses

Foliage such as lemon leaf, huckleberry

Fall Inspired Arrangement for Thanksgiving by Floral Fete

Step 1. Wind the curly willow branches around your fist into a tight loop. Insert into vase, so loop sits vertically; this is going to create a grid to hold your flowers in place. Some pieces may want to fly out a bit, either leave them, or tuck them in. It doesn’t have to be exact. 

Fall Floral Hack with Floral Fete

Step 2.  Add water about ¾ full, and add a tiny bit, as in ¼ tsp. of bleach. This will help keep your flowers fresher, longer. 

Step  3. Add the foliages. Cut most of the foliage short, to just peek over the top of the vase. Insert stems through the curly willow grid, at an angle. This makes an extra stable grid so your flowers stay put! To make it interesting, insert a few long pieces of foliages. IMPORTANT TIP: You don’t want to submerge foliage or flowers in the water; this makes the finished arrangement look messy, AND it makes the water dirty! So, make sure you clean the stems of any little leaves before inserting into the water. 

Step 4. Add your largest, focal flowers first. Here, we are adding out large hydrangea’s first. TIP: Side note… Before using hydrangea’s in an arrangement, fill another vase, or container with very warm water, cut hydrangeas at an angle, and place in warm water. Let drink for an hour. Then use in arrangement. The flower will drink the warm water quickly, and hydrate the bloom to ensure it doesn’t droop.  

Thanksgiving Floral Arrangement

Step 5. Add tallest flowers next. create an interesting line with a few tall flowers.  

Step 6. Continue adding the other flowers, Turn your vase after inserting a couple flowers, to ensureyou create an arrangement that looks great from all angles. TIP: Like the foliages above, insert your flowers in at an angle. This will help create a rounded look. 

Step 7. To refresh water after a couple days. place arrangement in the sink, with either a water bottle or the faucet hose, flush the old water out until it’s filled with fresh, clean water. add that ¼ tsp bleach again. 

Thanksgiving Floral Arrangement with Floral Fete

 Step 8. When your flowers have finally faded. You can rinse the curly willow and re-use it in your next arrangement!

Can't get enough? Join Yoshi for her next Holiday Wreath Making Workshop here at the studio on Sunday, December 4th! More information and tickets found here.

Photos by: Steve Orlick

Floral design + tutorial by: Floral Fête

October Artisan Pop Up Market

Thank you to our artists, makers, and big dreamers who joined us for our October Pop Up Market!   


Anhcoy - millinery collection of handcrafted hats

Jonathan Seagul - butterfly artwork and preservation

Morning Blossom Studio - All natural, vegan friendly beauty products 

Knighbury - traditional block print scarfs and bags from India

Lula Roe Shopgirl - buttery soft leggings

and Jen Bloch of Heritage Mercantile

Photos & videography by our officemates, The Neighborhood Journal

See you at our next Pop Up Market on Saturday, November 26th!


 All the stars aligned for our last SOUNDWAVE live music series. It was the perfect night and we are still in awe from the performances & the energy from the crowd. 

Line up included David Langran, Pearl Botts, and James Spaite. Photo and videos produced by The Neighborhood Journal. 

You can also listen to all songs on Spotify

The vision behind these events are to highlight local musical talent and provide them with a unique and captive audience in our creative space. You come, They play, We hit record and a story is told.

David opened up with third installment of our Soundwave Sessions with an original song, titled "Time Will Tell", followed by his most recently written song, "New York in June". David shared with the audience that he wrote the song after attending a music festival in New York City. 

David shared: 

"The song is essentially about a single day/night where I met a great girl at this music festival, and consequently spent that day/night running around with her listening to great music, drinking, and generally having an amazing time. After the festival, we went out in the city and continued to have one of those nights that only happen once in a rare blue moon where everything seems to slot into place. At the end of the night, I put her in a taxi and off she went. We kept in touch for a little while afterwards, but for me that night was something special. And I think the fact that it was just that one night is what made it special. There was no time for things to get complicated."

Pearl opened her set with a cover medley from Ariana Grande's latest album including "Into You", "Side to Side", and ended with "Dangerous Woman" with accompaniment from Jacob Mayeda on guitar. Her second song was an original titled "Come my Way" which she explained was about beckoning and longing for hopes to come to fruition. She finished her set with her most recently written song "Drive Me Crazy" which she opened up was written in the midst of a new busy season of her life and is a musical manifestation of the challenges of a fast-paced world. 

James Spaite, an artist from San Diego, closed out the night with a moving performance. His first song "Past, Present, Patience", he shared was his perspective that he felt that songwriters often write out of an attempt to fulfill a need.

"In retrospect I wrote Past, Present, Patience out of a place of pain and reminding myself to make wise decisions. I am super fickle when it comes to relationships. My heart is inconsistent. It swells for a moment, then the tide goes back out, then it swells again, then the tide goes back out. In a culture that heavily pushes the idea of singleness as something to be avoided at all costs, I think it is a healthy reminder that there is incredible value in putting the breaks on for a minute to figure yourself out. That said, I am majorly still learning how true that session is." 

In our Soundwave format we asked each artist to do a cover and James went all out by mashing up country singer Bonnie Raitt's ballad "I Can't Make You Love Me" and "So Sick" by R&B artist Ne-Yo. The crowd wanting more, James then played another song off his 2014 album A Woman Gave Me Music, "Effort". Ending by treating everyone in attendance with two new unreleased songs. 

Join us for our next SOUNDWAVE on Thursday, December 29th

September Artisan Pop Up Market!

Special thank you to everyone who joined us for our last Artisan Pop Up Market! We had some incredible vendors and makers to introduce to our local community here in Laguna Beach! Thank you to our officemates, The Neighborhood Journal for capturing the day and the spirit behind these creative and passionate new friends! 


Nica Home

Playa Goods

Morning Blossom Studio

 Charlotte Marie Jewelry,

Micaela Saldari


Next Pop Up Market set for Saturday, October 15th! Interested in becoming a vendor? Apply here!

#25BeautifulThings Watercolor Workshop!

I had met Anne-Louise at Unique LA and instantly fell in love with her and her newest creation 25 Beautiful Things - A Fine Art Coloring Book.  Not only was she incredibly sweet and just oozed creativity but this book…this book instantly spoke to me. Anne-Louise created 25 Beautiful Things hoping to offer a doorway to the peace, freedom and joy that come with exercising your creativity. Her goal was to have the book be more about personal love of art and less of the intimidating respect for it. During our first workshop hosted with Anne-Louise and Speak Wines, we experienced first hand the delight in discovering what kind of beauty appeals most to us while playfully experimenting with color and picking our favorites from the 25 original fine art prints on large 11" x 17" heavyweight paper (plus a few bonus pages with rebellious words of encouragement).  Everyone was encouraged to sign, frame, and share their unique work of art with the world. Did I mention we had wine? Yes, there was wine. It was pretty much the most ideal Sunday afternoon! We hope you can join us for our next one!

Photos by our friends & officemates: The Neighborhood Journal

2nd Annual SOURCED. Hawaiian Holiday Party!

Capiz Shell Window display at SOURCED.
Vintage Book Christmas Tree at SOURCED.
Tiki Bar by In Cocktails We Trust
Tiki Drinks at SOURCED.
Office Christmas Decor by Floral Fete
Tiki Holiday Office Party at SOURCED.
Tropical Floral Mannequin by Floral Fete
Tropical Dress Form Orchids by Floral Fete
Hawaiian Holiday Office Party at SOURCED.
Floral Designer, Floral Fete - Laguna Beach
Tiki Hawaiian Holiday Party
Floral Designer, Floral Fete in Laguna Beach
The Christmas Room - Laguna Beach Lofts
Hawaiian Holiday Office Party at SOURCED.
Outdoor Bistro Lights and Capiz Shells
The Neighborhood Journal at SOURCED.
Thanksgiving Potstickers
Hawaiian Holiday Office Party at SOURCED.
Tiki Rum Drinks
Tiki signage
DJ Wendy, Laguna Beach CA
Singapore Sling_Hawaiian Holiday Office Party at SOURCED.
Hawaiian Holiday Office Party at SOURCED.
Book Christmas Tree
Hawaiian Holiday Office Party at SOURCED.
Hawaiian Holiday Office Party at SOURCED.
Hawaiian Holiday Office Party at SOURCED.
Hawaiian Holiday Office Party at SOURCED.
Hawaiian Holiday Office Party at SOURCED. Laguna Beach
Hawaiian Holiday Office Party at SOURCED. Laguna Beach
Hawaiian Holiday Office Party at SOURCED. Laguna Beach
Hawaiian Holiday Office Party at SOURCED. Laguna Beach
Hawaiian Holiday Office Party at SOURCED. Laguna Beach

Thank you to everyone who made it out to our

2nd Annual Hawaiian Holiday Party! 

(internally loving known as Tacky Tiki Party!)

We had fun playing up holiday decor at the studio this year! Stephen and Ian made sure the cottage was seen from across town with tons of twinkling lights on the building, around the door, and bistro lights overhead on our outside table. The entry way was the perfect spot for our Pinterest inspired "Vintage Book Christmas Tree" complete with airplanes as the guiding star on top. We turned another fallen branch into a window display with strung capiz shells. Nothing says "beach snow" quite like capiz shells. We turned one of our lofts into a proper "Christmas Room" with two Christmas Trees, lights, "snow", and our lit up blue barb wire reindeers by local Sculptor, friend, and neighbor - Shamus Koch. Officemates, Yoshi & Rebecca turned their office into a winter wonderland with multiple floral installations and wreaths. The show stopper was the Hawaiian inspired mannequin done up with banana leaves & orchids - just beautiful!

Friend and local, DJ Wendy's music selection complimented the tiki drinks offered by In Cocktails We Trust. We used the fancy vintage glassware, unnecessary garnishes, and tons of gangster rap! Personal favorite, the "Boochie Walla, Boochie Bang Bang" punch with Papas Pilar 24 Year Solera Rum, Allspice Dram, Blessed Booch Chai Tea Kombucha, Lemon, Sparkling Wine, Bitters, Gangster Rap. What was your favorite?

Probably the best Tuesday night of the year! The studio was definitely filled with laughter, good cheer, and hugs...tons of hugs. What can I say...we like to hug. Cheers to 2016!

Special Thanks to our friends, officemates, and sponsors!

Photography: Rebecca Judy Photography

Videography: The Neighborhood Journal 

Floral Design: Floral Fete

Tiki Bar: In Cocktails We Trust, Papa Pilar Rum, and Blessed Booch

SOURCED. turned 2! Anniversary Party Recap

TWO YEARS YOUNG! Thank you to everyone that joined us for our Anniversary Party this year. It was such a great evening connecting with our local community and sharing how we've grown. Each creative made their own specialty cocktail or beverage to share, there was beer pong sponsored by The Neighborhood Journal, and our collaborative Spotify playlist that had us swaying all night.  We were lucky enough to close out the evening with special performance from Tim Schou (Danish POP STAR, Tim Schou? - I know, how did we pull that off!?!?) and Steve Orlick turned our back kitchen into a Chinese take out restaurant making noodles to go. Some of us may or may not have ended the night by taking a midnight dip in the ocean & a Justin Bieber dance off until the wee hours. Cheers to YEAR 3!

SOURCED. turns 2
SOURCED. turns 2.
SOURCED. turns 2
Tim Schou at SOURCED.
Tim Schou at SOURCED.
Tim Schou at SOURCED.
Tim Schou at SOURCED.
Tim Schou at SOURCED.
Tim Schou at SOURCED.

Creative Profile Picture Workshop - recap


We hosted our first Creative Profile Picture Workshops on August 29th - and had an absolute BLAST! We created this workshop to be able to gather with more creatives & capture them on film with a unique perspective - hopefully giving their clients, customers, and the digital world at large an inside look at their personal brand & what gets them out of bed in the morning. 

We know first hand how important is it to have the best representation of yourself for the world to see. When you are in the business of selling yourself, your brand, your services - you want someone to meet you with the ease that they already know you, what your about, and confident that you'll be able to do the job. We strongly believe that one huge mistake some creatives make is shying away from the fact you will need to put yourself out there, your face, your voice,  and your passion to be recognized as the expert your selling yourself to be. As this path changes, grows, and shifts - so will be the content & imagery you put out there. 

Being a collective workspace with two in house photographers - we've had the luxury to work together and create imagery & content that speaks to us and who we are, as individuals as well as like-minded creatives working side by side. We understand that you might not be comfortable in front of the camera - HECK, US EITHER! But we want to capture the real you, the beauty behind what you've set out to do, and share your story! 

Join us for our next workshop in October or contact us about setting up a session at your workspace or shop!

All photography by Rebecca Judy and Stephen Orlick for #CreativeProfilePictureWorkshop at SOURCED.

Business captured:

The Neighborhood Journal, Curio Huntress, ICD Green, and Elysha Mcmurtry Photography.

SOURCED. summer wrap up // PART 3

"SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER" was Rachiel's anthem for the Summer! She spent it doing what she does best - attending & hosting parties, BBQ's, card nights, and attending loved ones birthdays & weddings! She also was the main lady in charge at the studio overseeing our studio improvements and got as much beach time in as possible.

My summer started off with a bang! Had the opportunity to do some work that lead me down the California Coast spending time in San Francisco, Napa, Carmel, and Santa Barbara. Enough stories packed in 10 days to fill a book. Highlights in San Francisco were definitely Nob Hill Spa at the newly renovated The Scarlet Hotel and taking in the beautiful Dahlia Garden at Conservatory of Flowers. There was the private food tour with Edible Excursions and got to meet Traci Des Jardins. She's rather amazing. Also left completely inspired by the pop up gallery and shipping container movement in Hayes Valley. I'm about that.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 6.09.56 PM.png
Traci Des Jardins at Jardinière

My time in wine country was equal parts on the move and taking in incredible cuisine. Lead bike tour through dust roads framed by wild berries, a tour of Bohemian Creamery, farm to table lunch at set for royalty at Dragonfly Florals, a visit to SHED in Healdsburg (MAJOR SHOP ENVY!), and a 3.5 hour meal of a lifetime at French Laundry. Insanity. 

Dreamland at Dragonfly Floral

Dreamland at Dragonfly Floral

Honestly, I'd take one of everything. Make that two!

Honestly, I'd take one of everything. Make that two!

Best. Thing. I've. Ever. Eaten. - Oysters & Pearls

Best. Thing. I've. Ever. Eaten. - Oysters & Pearls

Carmel took the cake for me with Carmel Valley Ranch - such a magical place. Horseback riding in the Carmel Valley at sunset - soothe your soul good! Also think I found my calling in beekeeping! 

In August, we traveled to New York before a family vacation in Maine. I haven't been to New York in over a decade and has the best time exploring Brooklyn. We stayed at the oh so cool Sixty LES Hotel on the Lower East Side and they must have know I was coming because they had their pop up tiki bar for the summer. Couldn't have been happier! We were introduced to Devocion Café and I almost fell over with excitement. Such a cool vibe. Got to meet some incredible local vendors at Artists & Flea, eat yummy food at Smorgasburg, get something special at Brooklyn Flea, and just play tourist.

Tiki drinks and skylines - I <3 NY!

Tiki drinks and skylines - I <3 NY!

Every corner of Devocion was complete gold.

Every corner of Devocion was complete gold.



Then it was off to Maine - hands down my favorite place visited this summer. I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting but I was floored by how much I enjoyed the chance in pace, surrounding, and just surrendering to vacation mode. Waking up to the sound of the ceiling fan & the morning stir in the house, and a full day of whatever seemed fun. One by one we would wake up, reaching for coffee, and take in the sounds of the loons on the lake. My favorite morning was spent in conversation over painting and learning zentangle. Then it's off to explore more of the lake that brought us all here. The time out on the water...where I felt foreign and yet at home. We spent too much money & time gathering the perfect ingredients to make an insane lobster mac - a mission we accomplished and dominated at. I truly felt like I spent the week taking in the sun, the laughter, and the stillness of summer. That blue blue water surrounded by these green green trees. What a magical place. 

Harrison, Maine

Harrison, Maine

The perfect lake house we stayed at

The perfect lake house we stayed at

Rained on our last day as a send off

Rained on our last day as a send off

This summer I decided to stay local and enjoy all that Newport Beach had to offer. Sunset picnic at Inspiration Point, Corona Del Mar - This is where you will find me on most Sunday nights. Gathered with some of my favorite friends enjoying a glass of wine as the sunsets is my idea of a perfect evening.

From Memorial to Labor Day weekend it is a challenge to get a fire pit as crowds are at their peak. Bonfires on a Monday or Tuesday is a bit easier but you still need to get there a bit early to stake your claim. s'mores by a campfire is always a good time.

Bonfire at Big Corona, Corona Del Mar

Bonfire at Big Corona, Corona Del Mar

This was such a fun night! King Kong showing on the beach right after the sunset. Friends, wine, cheese, and KONG! 

Movie night at The Beachcomber, Corona Del Mar

Movie night at The Beachcomber, Corona Del Mar

This fall I have several trips planned. Santa Inez, Joshua Tree, and Ojai are just a few and I look forward to sharing my travel tips and pictures.

SOURCED. summer wrap up // PART 2

I took as many chances as I could to get some decent travel in this summer. Biggest highlight had to be planning a surprise trip for my boyfriend and I to a secret location. I put together 7 days worth of clues (had so much fun hearing everyone's guesses on Instagram) and we jetted off to Japan - I think he was pretty surprised! 

Before that we took a weekend getaway to San Francisco. My favorite part had to be bike riding across the bridge to Sausalito.

Santa Monica - Weekend Getaway to escape Laguna craziness. Stayed at the Viceroy on Ocean Ave like we were tourists.

Oregon - International Pinot Noir Conference with Dad in Mcminnville OR. Yearly activity for us as a father/daughter wino trip!

Then there was that SURPRISE GETAWAY TO JAPAN! - Spent half our time in Kyoto and the other half in crazy Tokyo.

This summer I had the opportunity to travel to Bernal Heights in San Fransisco for a 2 day flower workshop with Natasha Lisita’s Waterlily Pond Studio, with guest instructor Francoise Weeks, and a relaxing trip to Yountville, CA. 

Summer Highlights - Learning new techniques in floral design with the amazing Natasha Lisita, whom I have admired for her large installations for some time now, was so inspiring! And Francoise taught me a whole new appreciation for woodland/botanical style design. The tours of the beautiful Far Niente Winery and Schramsberg Winery on our trip to Yountville were educational, and tasty. Both have cool (literally!) mazes of wine caves, and a traditional style of wine making that I just love! AND I’m still thinking about the perfect chef’s tasting menu we had at REDD… If you find yourself in that area, do yourself a favor, and GO! 

One spot that’s one your radar for next summer- Seattle, and the Pacific Northwest… But, I doubt I’ll wait till next summer! I just love that area, gorgeous flowers, produce, and landscape. 

Natasha Lisita demonstrating a large centerpiece

Natasha Lisita demonstrating a large centerpiece

My free form cascade from the workshop

My free form cascade from the workshop

My woodland botanical bouquet from the workshop

My woodland botanical bouquet from the workshop

Wine tasting at Far Niente

Wine tasting at Far Niente

 Schramesberg Wine Cave- All those bottles are full of sparkling wine!

 Schramesberg Wine Cave- All those bottles are full of sparkling wine!

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 5.50.25 PM.png

It was definitely a summer to remember! I got married & we headed off to Spain! 

Where we visited: Madrid, Soria, Abejar, Pamplona, San Sebastian, and Siguenza.

Favorite spot: Abejar, Spain! Small, spanish town- we went for a wedding and were treated to 17 Course lunch that started at 1pm and finished at 8pm! Also, the rooftop bars in a Spanish Art Gallery was Muy Bueno! 

On the radar for next summer… South America! (Esp. Chile and Peru!) 

SOURCED. summer wrap up // PART 1

SOURCED. summer wrap up

WHERE DID YA GO? – Switzerland and Austria

WHO DID YOU SEE//WHAT DID YOU DO? - Loved traveling to Switzerland and Austria with my family, best friend and her parents. My favorite memory was when we went to Lech, Austria and had dinner at an Austrian cottage in the alps. So breathtaking! Just seeing my family and friends in Switzerland is always a highlight too. 

ONE SPOT THAT'S ONE YOUR RADAR FOR NEXT SUMMER? - Don't know yet. I'm always up to travel anywhere I can!

WHERE DID YA GO & WHAT DID YA SEE? - Goleta & Santa Barbara with the family!  We stayed at The Goodland Hotel...laid back retro beach scene, macrame, woodie, cocktails in the "Rita" Airstream, in-room vinyl, amazing s-shaped couch in the lobby, cruiser bikes, and the rad indigo and rope chair in the corner of my room would have come home with me if I could have fit it in my suitcase

STAND OUT MOMENTS - Pool shark cocktail and the kimchi fries at the Outpost. Shopping for vintage curio at the thrift stores and antique malls on Hollister. Pan dulce and tamales served with a dose of telenovelas at the Goleta Bakery. 

NEXT SUMMER...road tripping the California coast with a 1960's vintage trailer


1. Grad Party -  I am very proud of my beautiful and talented daughter Siena who graduated this summer from USC. Fight ON! Celebration dinner at Pearch LA-Very cool.

1. Grad Party -  I am very proud of my beautiful and talented daughter Siena who graduated this summer from USC. Fight ON! Celebration dinner at Pearch LA-Very cool.

2. Santa Barbara get away! - Clamping at El Capitain State Park. Diner at Lark, Pizza at Lucky Penny, Pinot flights and Santa Barbara reginol wine tasting. Yumm

2. Santa Barbara get away! - Clamping at El Capitain State Park. Diner at Lark, Pizza at Lucky Penny, Pinot flights and Santa Barbara reginol wine tasting. Yumm

3. The Chicago Way - Design, construct the sets, dress the set, light and photograph 7 lines of branded special occasion dresses. Some great food and golf got mixed in with the business.

3. The Chicago Way - Design, construct the sets, dress the set, light and photograph 7 lines of branded special occasion dresses. Some great food and golf got mixed in with the business.

4. From the shadows of the Forest - I worked with friend, dancer and choreographer Jenni Kiiholma to create content for Finnish TV, social media and a fund raiser. The Fundraiser was held in at the Finnish consulate in Brentwood, CA for "From the Shadows of the Forest" an evening of dance, live music and poetry at the Martha B. Knoeble Dance Theatre in Long Beach.

4. From the shadows of the Forest - I worked with friend, dancer and choreographer Jenni Kiiholma to create content for Finnish TV, social media and a fund raiser. The Fundraiser was held in at the Finnish consulate in Brentwood, CA for "From the Shadows of the Forest" an evening of dance, live music and poetry at the Martha B. Knoeble Dance Theatre in Long Beach.

5. Catalina Wine Mixer - Actually... no wine involved during this mixer. Opted for Margaritas and Michelada (I discovered I don't really like Michelada) Great snorkeling with my daughters and wife.

5. Catalina Wine Mixer - Actually... no wine involved during this mixer. Opted for Margaritas and Michelada (I discovered I don't really like Michelada) Great snorkeling with my daughters and wife.

Meet the Creative // The Neighborhood Journal


Our clan is growing! In late July we welcomed Eddie & Jordan of The Neighborhood Journal as our new officemates. After working with this dynamic on a number of creative projects and videos, we can contest first hand to their talent and laid back vibe. Well, we'll let them tell you what they're all about...

How did The Neighborhood Journal start?
We started The Neighborhood Journal with the idea that we wanted to document the creative people around us and build an online community where we could honestly showcase their talents and ideas through our own creative ability to tell their story.

What inspires you most about Laguna?
For us Laguna Beach feels like a place that naturally attracts creative people and seeing that happening around us pushes our creativity, naturally making us do better and work harder.

If someone’s visiting from out of town, where do you take them?
For us we most likely would take them to Ruby Street Beach and then grab food at La Sirena, if the beach wasn’t an option we would go to the Packing House in Anaheim or our favorite coffee shop in San Juan Capistrano, Hidden House. 

When you need a boost of creative inspiration how do you get it?
If we need a boost of creative inspiration we usually get it from going and exploring Orange County with our friends, watching short films, or going to live shows.  

What other types of work interests you? 
We like to come up with the best way to tell a brands story through a mix of filmmaking and photography, as well as develop growth strategies through social media and by creating comprehensive integrated web designs.

We know another huge influence for you guys is music and local bands - what are you currently listening to?

Funny you should ask...we just put out our first Summer Playlist using Soundcloud. It has it all!